Download SWIFT Data File

This page is for new SWIFT users who have exported their birding records from other birding software (e.g. AviSys, Bird Journal, Birdwatcher's Diary, ..) and emailed the file to us for import into SWIFT. Once a notification email is received from us, you can download your SWIFT file, containing your birding records, on this page. Simply enter your user name and password below and then click on DOWNLOAD SWIFT FILE and follow the step-by-step instructions immediately below to load your new file containing your birding records into SWIFT.

Please enter SWIFT user name and password
User name and password are required to download your SWIFT file.
User Name
To quickly move your old birding records to the FREE trial of the SWIFT Premium Edition:
  • When prompted by your browser, save the SWIFT file (SWIFT.SDF) on your computer
  • Make note of where you saved the file, you will need this when starting up SWIFT
  • If you haven't already, download the FREE trial of SWIFT and install it
  • Start up SWIFT and you will see the following screen:
SWIFT - Activate Trial Screen
  • Enter your SWIFT user name and password and click on Confirm User Name/Password
  • Once your login passes, click on Start Free Trial
  • Your free trial will be activated and you will be presented with three options:
Welcome to SWIFT - Choose Option 2
  • Since you just downloaded a SWIFT file containing your birding records, choose Option 2 by clicking Start by loading a SWIFT file
  • You will be prompted for the location of the SWIFT file you just downloaded. Find the file, select it and click Open.
  • Your free trial of SWIFT will then open with your birding records from your other software loaded!
You then get to see how SWIFT works for you during the entire free trial WITH your birding records already loaded!
We hope you enjoy the free trial of SWIFT. Online help is available in SWIFT by hitting the F1 key.