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Information entered above will be verified and then the download will start. You can run the install immediately from your browser or save the installation file (SWIFT_Installation.exe) to your computer and run it later.

At the end of the free trial, the Premium Edition of SWIFT will revert to the Life List Edition. A full description of the differences between the two versions is in the chart at the bottom of this page and also on our About page. You can continue running the Life List Edition for as long as you want at no charge. If you decide to upgrade to a Premium Edition subscription during or after the free trial, all of the sightings, photos, notes, .. that you record in the Premium Edition free trial will remain in the upgrade to the full Premium Edition.p>

ACTIVATION: Once you decide to join the thousands of users in 40+ countries using SWIFT and purchase a Premium Edition subscription, there is no need to uninstall/re-install, simply activate your Premium Edition by entering your login information on the SWIFT main screen after purchase:

Activate SWIFT Premium Edition

NOTE: Depending on which browser you are using and its settings, you may be asked to download the file (Save) or you may be offered asked to Open/Run it immediately.

We recommend you Save the install file (SWIFT_Installation.exe) and when complete, open the folder where you saved the file (usually in your Downloads folder in Windows Explorer) and then double-click on it to start the SWIFT installation.

Feature Comparison Between Editions

Use the chart below to see the differences between the free Life List Edition and the Premium Edition, to help you choose the edition that's right for you.

Since the free trial download of SWIFT is the full Premium Edition, you will get a chance to try out all of the features available in SWIFT. Then you can decide if the Premium Edition is right for you or if the free Life List Edition (after the 90 day trial) gives you everything you need.

SWIFT is the only birding software that includes ALL world species at no extra charge
SWIFT is the only birding software that includes ALL world species at no extra charge