Subscribe/Renew - Premium Edition of SWIFT
SWIFT Subscription Information
SWIFT is the only subscription birding software that locks-in your cost forever.
Every other subscription birding software passes annual increases along to their existing customers.
At SWIFT we think that is terrible treatment of longtime users, when you subscribe to SWIFT the price you initially pay for your annual subscription is the same price you will pay for every renewal going forward.
If you are new to SWIFT (have never purchased a subscription), click on the SUBSCRIBE button below. If you have subscribed in the past and want to purchase a one-year subscription renewal, click on the RENEW button below.
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All credit card orders are processed on PayPal®'s secure web servers.
We never have access to your credit card information at any time during the process.
Orders will appear on your credit card statement as PAYPAL*TOJSYSTEMS. (PayPal® Verified.)

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