Switch from AviSys to SWIFT - Free Import of Records
We are currently running a promotion here at SWIFT where we will help you with an easy transition from AviSys to SWIFT.
The steps are below and are very straightforward. Best of all, we do this at absolutely NO cost to you!
(Running software other than AviSys? See info at bottom of this page for an easy transition to SWIFT.)
To quickly move your AviSys birding records to the FREE trial of the SWIFT Premium Edition:
  • In AviSys, export ALL of your birding records to CSV file
  • Email the CSV file to us at support@swiftbirder.com
  • The file will be imported into SWIFT and a new file will be emailed back to you (usually within 1 business day)
  • Download the FREE trial of the SWIFT Premium Edition and install it on your computer
  • Copy the SWIFT file we emailed you containing your AviSys records into the folder where you installed SWIFT
  • Start up SWIFT and you will see all of your AviSys records in the latest version of SWIFT!
You then see how SWIFT works for you during the entire free trial WITH your birding records already loaded.
Running birding software other than AviSys and still want to take advantage of this offer? No problem! We have moved hundreds of birders over to SWIFT from every software imaginable, even if you simply have your sightings recorded on a spreadsheet. Contact us at the Support email above and we will get back to you right away with the steps required. Over the past ten years we have transitioned hundreds of birders over to SWIFT and been able to bring their records along every single time, even some folks running software from the 1980s! We can do the same for you and it will cost you nothing.
Don't risk losing years of information you have in outdated or non-functioning software, switch to SWIFT today!
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