SWIFT User Group

Do you want to get insight into upcoming SWIFT changes? Join the SWIFT User Group and you will receive emails with information on new features coming to SWIFT. We often poll our User Group to get feedback on which planned new features are the most desirable. So have your say about the future of SWIFT .. join the SWIFT User Group! Open to all SWIFT users, whether you are using the free trial, the Life List edition or the full Premium Edition.

SWIFT Champions Program

Like you, we here at SWIFT want the best birding software on the planet to remain the best! We feel that SWIFT offers a great combination of excellent software at a very reasonable price. But we need help from "SWIFT Champions" to get the word out about SWIFT. By joining the SWIFT Champions Program and referring your birding friends, groups, .. to SWIFT, not only will you be eligible to win prizes during our regular giveaways, you will also have a direct line to the SWIFT development team.

SWIFT User Group logo
SWIFT User Group
SWIFT User Group logo

After joining the SWIFT User Group you will receive emails (approximately 3-4 times per year) from the SWIFT Product Team that may include:

  • Information on upcoming features in SWIFT
  • Requests for feedback on recent changes, what you like and don't like
  • Requests for 'most wanted' new features

To join the SWIFT User Group, simply email us by clicking the button below. It's free, so why not join today?

SWIFT User Group logo
SWIFT Champions Program
SWIFT User Group logo

Here's how the SWIFT Champions Program (SCP) works:

  • Refer one or more of your birding friends to try out SWIFT. Send them an email, post it on Facebook, however you want to let them know.
  • Your friend enters your email address (as the person who referred them) at the time they download the free trial of SWIFT. (We never contact them as we don't have their contact information when a trial is downloaded.)
  • You earn 1 SCP point for having a friend download the free trial. If they go on to purchase SWIFT, you receive 2 additional SCP points.
  • Points accumulate over time and increase your chances for periodic prize giveaways such as limited edition art prints or free copies of SWIFT that you can gift to someone else! Think of each SCP point as a ticket that goes into a drum we then use to pull the names of our winners. More points = more chances to win.

Giveaways aren't all you get by joining; benefits of becoming a SWIFT Champion also include:

  • Full vote on each upcoming change, YOU will be a integral part of the team that decides on future modifications to SWIFT.
  • Direct access via email to the SWIFT development team; send them your bug reports as well as ideas for improvements/future enhancements to SWIFT.
  • Tell the world you use the premier birding software by displaying the SWIFT Champion logo on your blog, website, etc.
  • Of course the SWIFT Champions Program is 100% free to join.

What you will get from us after becoming a SWIFT Champion:

  • Email responses directly from the SWIFT development team.
  • Monthly email outlining your total SCP referral points and new points acquired during the month.
  • High resolution SWIFT Champion logo graphic you can use on your Facebook page, birding blog, website, etc.
  • Option to have a free link to your website or blog on the SWIFT Champions page here (coming soon...).

How to qualify and become a SWIFT Champion:

  • You must have purchased the full SWIFT Premium Edition.
  • You must enjoy using SWIFT! The champions of our software all have the same desire to have more and more birders using SWIFT while the software continues to get better and better.
  • Open to SWIFT users worldwide. We currently have users in over 40 countries around the world. Let's see how quickly we can get SWIFT Champions in each and every one.
BONUS: The first person to join the SWIFT Champions Program for their home country will receive a starting bonus of 3 SCP points. Since we are based in North America, we will also award an additional bonus SCP point if you are the first from your home state (USA) or province (Canada).
Plus you get bragging rights forever that you were the first! SMILE!